Home Theatre

Upgradation of Indian life style has raised an exponential growth in Home Theatres. People loving lavish comfortable seats, rich ambience and stunning sound quality, with privacy ,Home theatre is the right choice to build at home. The one-time investment may be expensive, but the big-screen experience will last years.

Projector & screen

A projector can output a display ranging from 30-300 inch diagonally, depending on the distance at which it is kept from the wall. So, the projector will depend on the size of your room. As the resolution plays an important part, go for a full HD projector if you have the money. Epson offers large range of 2D and 3D projectors. Live demos available too.

The surface on which you project also matters. Ideally, you should use a screen built for this purpose rather than a white wall as it's hard to get a perfectly smooth wall and the screen will show more accurate colours with better brightness. You can choose different screen sizes and types (higher reflectance, motorised or manual, etc), depending on the budget and space available.


There are two broad options for speakers. You can either get a complete set in a box or purchase separate speakers and amplifier. Buying individual components will give you better sound, but usually cost more. Depending on size of room, acoustics and application ab’s offers a large range of 5.1 or 7.1 speaker set of DANON,PARADYNE,ELAC and many more Variety.

Media centre

If you want a basic Blu-Ray player, you could pick one from Samsung, Sony Philips or any big brand. USB Wi-Fi dongle for Internet connectivity is also the added feature in the system.



Cables can play a significant role in a home theatre set-up. Always use a single, high-quality, oxygen-free copper speaker cable to connect your speakers to the receiver/amplifier. Preference should be given to HDMI connectivity against others to deliver optimum resolution. A suitable range of cables should be selected as a large price range of cables are available.

Surge protectors

Your Home Theatre room will require a number of power points to connect all the components. So, you should buy a good surge protector to safeguard your devices from random voltage spikes avoiding cheaper poor quality ones. Branded excellent build quality, supporting different power plugs, offering LED indicators and have an inbuilt safety shutter to protect against high voltage spikes has to be used.

Setting it up

Placement of projector:

Depending on the space available, you can either place the projector on a table/stand or mount it on a ceiling. Most projectors display an image that inclines upwards from their lens, so if you are mounting it on a ceiling, it needs to be placed upside down. Our skill engineer can set and invert the image so that this is possible. Since the distance from the screen defines the size of display, make sure you do not mount the projector too close or too far away .We use software to define the accurate position of a Projector for a defined model having specific lens for certain screen size and avoid erroneous test run. A good quality powder coated mount with tilt and adjustment facility is also an essential accessory for the set.

Placement of speakers:

Placement of the projector is important for videos likewise placement of the speaker is important for audio. We expertise into the sense of music and technicality of it .


After having perfectly installed Video and Audio equipment the turn comes for making the room acoustic letting it to be a theatre. Our team is lead by super specialist of doing so taking care of customised aesthetics too!!!